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23 August - 40145 Update


40145 is scheduled to haul the WCRC Scarborough Spa Express from Carnforth to York and return. A Steam loco hauls the train over the section from York to Scarborough and return.

This week the train DEPARTS Carnforth at 08.18 and travels via Hellifield, Skipton and Leeds.

It DEPARTS York on the return at 18.15 and travels the same route as the outward journey.

FRIDAY 25/08

40145 is scheduled to DEPART CARNFORTH at 10.36 to head back to The ELR.

Lancaster pass 10.48

PRESTON 11.12 - 11.20

WIGAN pass 11.40

ECCLES pass 12.03

MAN VIC 12.13 - 12.19


If anyone has any photographs of 40145 from last Thursdays trip or takes some of 40145 on tomorrows trip, please forward them to Andy Sparks for possible inclusion in The Whistler Magazine.


28 July - Whsitler Update

As mentioned in the latest Whistler magazine issue 140, Andy Coward has stepped down as The Whistler Editor after doing a brilliant job over the last 3 years.

Andy Sparks has now taken over the role again and has already made a start on the next issue of the magazine.

If you have any photographs that you feel would be of interest to the members, rather than put them on facebook would you please send them to Andy Sparks instead.

Andy would also like to receive articles for the magazine to help him compile the 44 pages that are produced every 3 months.

The link to the email address for the whistler editor has now been ame nded to Andy Sparks own email so you can still send material by email to…. thewhistler@cfps.co.uk

If you wish to post material to Andy Sparks, his address is…..

Andy Sparks,

288 Stockport Road,



M34 6FW




20 July - Scarborough Spa Seating Update

Over the last few days, I have been asked if I knew the availability of seating on the WCRC trip from Carnforth to York and Scarborough on 24/08.

I wasn’t aware but I promised to check the availability with WCRC and I have done that today.

There are NO First Class seats available but there are 27 PREMIER DINING Seats available.

In STANDARD CLASS, there are 69 seats available.

This was the position at 14.00 hours today.


16 July - Another RETRO CHARTER Train

For those interested,

RETRO RAILTOURS will be running a Charter to Edinburgh on Bank Holiday Monday, August 28th for the Edinburgh Festival.

A Class 68 Locomotive is the requested motive power.

The Train will START from Chesterfield and then PICK UP at….

Chinley, Hazel Grove, Stockport, Reddish South, Stalybridge, Huddersfield, Mirfield and Dewsbury.

For further details, please email info@retrorailtours.co.uk or visit their website www.retrorailtours.co.uk



16 July - Thank you


I took up the kind offer made by James Palmer for The CFPS to run a fund raising raffle on the RETRO RAILTOURS Charter to Swansea yesterday.

With the help of Clive Elverstone, Andrew Flusk and Keith Gardner we generated a total of £659.

Thank you to again to James Palmer for the opportunity and thank you also to David Russel and friendly team of Retro stewards and in house buffet staff who all made us very welcome.

Credit also to the DRS Team of guards, footplate crew and admin staff who contributed to a great atmosphere on the train.

14 July - WHISTLER MAG...Issue 140... 48 PAGE Edition

83 Members collected  their copy of the latest Whistler Mag last weekend at The ELR Diesel Gala. 

429 copies were posted off 2nd class post by franked mail yesterday, Thursday.

Some members of The Oily Rags Group are attending Bury this weekend to work on our locos and their copies are with Lee.

A few other copies with Crewe addresses, I dropped off with Val at Crewe yesterday afternoon when I called at Bernie Mcdonoughs home and I have a couple of others to hand out on Saturday on the Retro Charter.

So, by early next week, via various methods, all members should have received their copy of the Whistler issue 140.

Thank you to Robert Purcell who called at my house on Wednesday to help Caterina and myself with the envelope stuffing.

Thank you to Karl Crowther who called at my house Thursday morning to collect the 429 mags and take them, Caterina and myself to The ELR so we could frank the envelopes and then take us along to Bury sorting office to drop them off.

Thank you to David Leyland and Peter Eccles at The ELR for making the arrangements for us to do the franking in the offices at The ELR yesterday morning.

The railway was extremely busy receiving phone calls and dealing with “on the day” passengers and I am sure they could have done without 3 of the CFPS team and 5 large boxes of mags cluttering up their office!

23 May 2017- New Book

As a result of the marvellous efforts of CFPS Member Steve Morris who runs TY MAWR Publications, The CFPS will have a NEW BOOK on sale on our June Charter Trains.

A copy of the Book Cover is attached and this is a follow up to The Class 40 Country WALES Book that Steve produced for the CFPS 2 years ago.  If you did not purchase a copy of the first book, you will be able to purchase BOTH books for a combined price.

HUGE THANKS to STEVE MORRIS for his hard work on behalf of The Society.

Price details will be given in the near future, this is just advance notice that the book will be on sale in the near future.


23 April 2017 - Crewe Heritage Centre

The 40088 cab was in use for the first time this year at Crewe yesterday whilst a railwayana auction took place.

We took the opportunity to attend the event and also move a load of sales clobber into the cab for other events scheduled at Crewe Heritage Centre over the coming months.

Clive Elverstone kindly offered his assistance and when I arrived at 07.15 he was already there keen to help with the unloading and the setting up of the tables with the sales stock.

Clive came back in the evening to help with the packing up and carting the sales stock back into the cab, thank you very much Clive, it was a big help.

Shaun Wright donated some books for resale and so too did Richard Payling who also donated some model railway items, thank you to both of them for thinking of The CFPS.

If any other members have railway “books or models” they are thinking of offloading, CFPS will be pleased to take them if we can make some money out of them.

Sales achieved on the day were £187.90 with a further £8.62 in loose change plonked in the donation bucket. Finally, James Bottomley went to Crewe in the week to repaint the former cab door off 40135 (now on 40088) from green to blue.  Thank you for that James, I was worried I would be spending my day explaining to the visitors why the cab door was Green !


John Stephens

18 April 2017 - Progress on 40135

The very hard working and very modest Seton Spencer drove down from Edinburgh to The ELR yesterday and then spent 9 hours working on 40135 before driving back home on Sunday evening.

I popped along to Bury yesterday to give him a hug and some chocolates, to thank him for all his hard work and to see the extent of the work entailed.

Since the electrical problem was discovered on 135 when it returned from Derby on Feb 17th several man hours had been spent on the loco by the Oily Rags team trying to detect the exact whereabouts of the fault.

Seton has made 3 trips down from Edinburgh recently to try and find the problem and on his last trip he managed to locate the fault…… 16 wires burnt out under the flo or plates in the engine room.

Some of the wiring has been replaced but a fair amount of work is still to be done. Seton will be coming down again soon for a further 2 day stint on the re-wiring.

Thank you again to the Oily Rags Team for the many hours they spend looking after our locos.


John Stephens

15 April 2017 - Charter Train Bookings

Current position with bookings received is…

367 seats Booked for FRIDAY JUNE 9th Charter.

461 seats Booked for SATURDAY JUNE 10th Charter.

12 April 2017 - Annual Raffle Update

After my recent message thanking the first few members to submit their payments and raffle ticket stubs, the following CFPS Members have now also submitted their batches.

Colin ALLSOBROOK,   John BATCHELOR,   Phil BEESLEY (D),   Paul BURGESS,   Bernie BYRNE,   Stuart CAWTHREY,   Lance COOK,   Karl CROWTHER,   Mike DALGLEISH (D)   Eric DAVIES,   Robert DOVE,   James DUNCAN (D), Rolf DUNDERDALE,   Anthony GOOCH,   John GOODALE,   Rob HALL,   M. Jones D221 (D),   Keith LILLEY,   Steve MORRIS (D),   Neil PARKIN,   John POLLARD (D),   Robert PURCELL,   Lee RAGSDALE,   Tom SAWYER (D),   M. SENIOR 40149, Andrew SPRAGG, Brian SUTTON (D),   John THAIN (D),   Andrew  WILKINSON (D),   Steve WILLIS (D),   Paul WINTER (D),   Steven WOODHOUSE and finally David WRIGHT.

The (D) against the name indicates a DONATION was also sent with the raffle ticket payment.

It is not compulsory but any form of Donation is GREATLY appreciated, Thank you Sincerely to everyone who sent one and thank you also for sending your payments and ticket stubs so promptly. 

Finally, Just one little request….  

Please tear off the perforated section on the ticket stubs to help reduce the size of the contents of the envelope and try to spread your ticket stubs out in the envelope.

The post office have deemed that some envelopes were too bulky and have classed them as a LARGE Letter. At present, I have 3 cards from the sorting office which is 3 miles away, each telling me that there is an envelope with insufficient postage on it and asking me to call in and hand over £1.50 per card.

My monthly supply of comics! have all arrived, so I can only presume that they are envelopes containing raffle ticket stubs.

I am trying to prolong my visits to the post office as long as possible in case another arrives and I have to go back there. 

31 March 2017 - 40135 Progress

The Engineering Team today continued working on 40135 and successfully identified the wiring fault which has prevented her returning to service following her repaint The fault was traced the fault to a single conduit with some 15 or so wires inside.

The Teams efforts continue and further updates will follow in due course.

Great credit must be given to the team for their efforts.


31 March 2017 - 40145 Visits the Midland Railway Centre

Our Fantastic Engineering Officer Lee Kenny rests in the Midland Saloon (below) as we head back along The Erewash Valley route towards Chesterfield yesterday. 

In the latest Whistler Mag, mention is made of Lee stepping down at The next AGM due to his workload at The ELR.

Some members having been handed their mag on 40106 over the weekend, read the information and made contact with me and pleaded that I try to talk Lee out of stepping down. 

Their view being that Lee has done a superb job with our locos and had created a great Engineering Support team with The Oily Rags.

I am mighty relieved to report that Lee has decided to stop on for another 12 months and has selected Derek Gibson and James Bottomley to take some of the workload off him.

I take no credit for that decision, it was purely down to Lee.

He reflected on what we had achieved over the last 6 and a half years and spoke to Derek and James to see how they felt about taking on some of his workload as he wanted to make sure that we continued our great progress. 

Thank you to those who did make contact, I am sure Lee will be touched to know that you all have such a high opinion of him.  


John Stephens - CFPS Chairman



28 March 2017 - Membership Update

During the Committee meeting last Saturday, it was decided on going forward to save costs and time, that we will no longer be sending out physical membership cards to members.

For all the members who have recently joined or renewed and who have sent me a SAE, you will still be getting a physical card. However,, you will only receive a digital card when you next renew..

 I have produced a digital copy that is created direct from the database and prints to PDF. So when a member joins or renews and provides a valid email address, they will receive a digital copy which allows you to save to your PC, Tablet or smart phone.

Physical cards will only be used when a member has not pro vided a valid email address. To be honest, there are only a few on file who haven't.

Look out for your new digital membership card in your inboxes.

 If any member wants a digital version now, email me, membership@cfps.co.uk, and I will tag one on to a reply for you.


Martin Poulter

Membership Secretary
Class Forty Preservation Society

25 March 2017

A lot going on for The CFPS today.

40106 providing steam heat on a service train for the first time in over 30 years.

A Committee meeting in the morning,

9 members of the Oily Rags working on our 2 x poorly locos,

Gavin Wright finally being able to have his cab ride that he won in our raffle last year, (Thank you to The ELR for facilitating this).

40 copies of the latest Whistler Magazine handed over to CFPS Members present on the train in the afternoon,

Andy Sparks signing 10 more copies of his NEW BOOK  and 5 of them sold to members on the day.

5 more bookings for our Charter Trains received


The fault on 40145 was fixed…….   WELL DONE TO LEE.

If anybody is planning on going to The ELR on Sunday for a ride behind 40106 and have NOT got the new Whistler magazine, please let me know and I will hand it to you tomorrow.

I will have copies of Andy Sparks book with me again tomorrow to sell to anybody that wants a copy and as requested today, I will have some of the NEW CFPS enamel badges with me as well.

Finally, thank you to the team that cleaned 40106 on Friday, the loco looked superb.


John Stephens - Chairman

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