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Welcome to the Class 40 Preservation Society

Registered Charity No: 326323


Class 40 Preservation Society News



Whistler 131 and New Book Available "Class 40 Country - Wales"

Undeterred by the various traumas encountered with the previous issue of the Whistler Magazine, Andy Coward got stuck into learning the new software programme and has produced issue no 131, on schedule. 

The Magazine is now at the printers and being prepared for production. My aim is to have it despatched to the membership by the end of March.

By the time the Whistler Mag arrives from the printers, the latest CFPS Publication should have been received.

This is Volume 1 of the series CLASS 40 COUNTRY and covers WALES.

The book has 96 pages and contains 180 photographs, many in colour and hardly any previously produced elsewhere.

The book is £14.95  plus £2.55  post and packing making £17.50 in total.

Why not order your copy NOW ?  and either send a cheque to the usual address or pay the money direct into the CFPS Bank Account.

The details can be found on the sales section of the CFPS Website at

You can EMAIL your order or TEXT it to  077 882 40088  stating delivery details and then make your payment direct into the CFPS Bank Account.  

 If members get their order and payment for the new book into me quickly, I can then organise the Whistler Mag and your book order, to be posted together.

Please remember, the proceeds from the book sales will help to fund the cost of the replacement tyres on 345.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Steve Morris from TY MAWR Publications for all his hard work compiling the new Book.

 Updated List of Available Whistler Magazines available for Sale

 The UPDATED LIST of Whistler Magazine back issues available at present is as follows……

 1,  3,  7,  9,  10,  11.    then,   13  to  71   INCLUSIVE.


 73,  74,  75,  87,  88.   then,   90  to  99   INCLUSIVE,  then issue 101.


 103   to   131  INCLUSIVE.

 Prices are:- 

£1.00 per mag up to issue number  87.

£1.50 per mag for issue numbers    88 to 99 and also  issue numbers 101 + 102.

£2.00 per mag for issue numbers  103  to 126.

£3.50 per mag for issue numbers  127  to 131.

POST and PACKING is  £1.50  up to 5 issues  then add an extra £1  for the next 5 issues and then an extra £1.50 for the next 10 issues after that.

Please make cheques payable to … “ THE CFPS ”

The postal address to send orders is   CFPS Sales,  38  Watkins Drive, Prestwich, Manchester.  M25 0DS  

Whistler Magazine Update:

Hi All,

After numerous difficulties with Issue 130 of the Whistler Magazine, I am pleased to report that the final batch of this edition was posted out to the members on Monday afternoon (9 February 2015).

Thank you to Eric Davies and Robert Purcell for travelling from their homes in Wigan and Sale respectively, to help me with the distribution process.

John Stephens - Chairman

Sales Stock Update:

Another book added to CFPS Sales stock is 1970s DIESEL & ELECTRICS.

This book is the same format as the D for DIESELS series EXCEPT that it is FULL COLOUR and therefore costs more.

The 72 Pages cover an assortment of images ranging from Hydraulics, Class 76 and WCML Electrics, 20s, 24s,37s, 50s and pictures of:

40039, 40115 and 40001 + 40098 paired up.

RRP is £12.99, on sale at £11.50 at CFPS Sales Stands.

For orders to be despatched by post please add an extra £2 to cover P & P.

Please see the sales pages of our website for other books on sale and options on how to order.

Whistler Issue 130:

By now, issue 130 of The Whistler Magazine, “should” have been printed, and also been received by the CFPS Membership.

Due to circumstances, such as The November AGM, preparing The Railtour admin, packing and posting off sales orders together with Andy Coward being extremely busy, the magazine had already been running behind schedule.

Recently, with all the compiling, proof reading and corrections undertaken, Andy Coward was about to send off the “Master File” to the printers when an error message appeared on it.

Andy tried opening it but was unable to do so and after several attempts, he turned to the “Back up File” but that wouldn’t open either.

Despite being well versed on the product, Andy contacted Microsoft for a diagnosis and had to part with money for specialist support.

The first team of “clever people” in Microsoft couldn’t find a solution and a genius in the corporation had to tracked down, then an appointment booked, which was days ahead.

Alas, on the day that The Microsoft genius made contact, his 2 hours on the phone to Andy Coward failed to solve the problem.

Frustratingly, for Andy in particular, the whole Magazine is now being recreated.

One pleasing thing from my viewpoint is that the genius who couldn’t solve the problem, couldn’t come up with a good enough reason to not give us our money back !

With the magazine printers flatly refusing to cancel their Christmas holiday in Australia, we are having to wait until they return in January 2015 to get “The Whistler” on their machines.

A BIG Thank you to Andy Coward for ALL the effort he has put into this issue, especially as I know that it has come at a very difficult time for him.

John Stephens

Members bookings for 29th November Railtour

Jackie Crawford has advised that ticket letters for those Members who have booked via the CFPS have been posted on Monday 24th November. Ticket letters should therefore be received on Wednesday / Thursday.  Any queries should be directed to

It should be noted that the ticket letter that you will receive confirming your booking will constitute your ticket for the Tour. No separate tickets will be enclosed.

Railtour - Saturday 29th November 2014

Thank you for the messages placing orders for The CFPS 2015 Calendar.

I will get those ready for people to collect on the train. The CFPS will have a sales stand on the train in COACH C.

I have had more CFPS Branded clothing produced and we now have fair stocks in each of the regular sizes.

Does anyone want to order any of the following to pick up on the train ?

The prices are as follows……..

Polo Shirts.   £18.95

Sweatshirts.  £19.95

Fleece.          £23.95.

Baseball cap. £8.00

Woolly Hat.   £8.00


ELR Sales Stand - 22 November 2014

The ELR kindly allowed The CFPS to have a sales stand at The ELR during their “Lancashire” event over the weekend.

I was on the footbridge for a change as the platform space was being used by dancers. Being the only sales stand there, I was able to make use of the space on the footbridge and spread the clobber out.

Takings were £429.00

Thank you to PAUL MORRIS who risked some grief from “her indoors” by nipping out from his home near Bury to help me pack up and load up on Sunday afternoon.

Railtour - Saturday 29th November 2014

On the Southport to York and Saltburn Charter, with there being limited space available, The CFPS will only have a small selection of products for sale on the train.

However, if anyone wishes to pre-order any items, these will be brought with the rest of the intended sales stock and handed to you at your seat on the train. You will not have to prepay, payment can be made when you receive your order on the day.

Please take a look at the sales pages of our website at  if you are unsure of the range of products available.

I will also be happy to take payments for any membership renewals that are due in the next 6 months or so!

Whistler Magazine

Hi all.

I have been handed a few old editions of the Whistler Mag in recent weeks.

I know some of you out there still have requirements.

The batch is made up of the following issue numbers…

Whistler Issue Number 2 through to Whistler Issue number 42.

1 copy each of the 41 issues stated above.


Issue numbers 45, 46, 49, 52, 54, 73 and 87.

If anyone wants to purchase these, they are £1 each.

Postage and packing is ..

£1.00 for 2 copies.

£1.50 for 5 copies

£2.00 for 10 copies.

£2.80 for 25 copies.


John Stephens


Cardiff Canton Book

A few years ago, CFPS Member Steve Morris produced a softback book depicting images relating to Cardiff Canton Depot.

The book was a sell out and I have regularly been asked if we have any copies of it.

The good news is that Steve has had the book reprinted and it has also been updated to reflect the current situation and and the depot celebrating its Golden Anniversary. Please see the attachment above.

The book will be published around October 30th and The CFPS will be stocking the book.

The book price is £12.95 and post and packing will be an extra £2.

Alternatively, The CFPS Calendar will be published soon.

Why not order both the book and the calendar together and the book can be sent inside the calendar envelope.

The Calendar will be priced at £12.00 again + £2.95 post and packing. You will therefore save £2 postage on the book.


2015 CFPS Calendar

I have spent some time with Martin Walker at Beaver Sports this week arranging The CFPS 2015 Calendar.
It has now been compiled and will be printed shortly.
The aim being to have it on sale at The CFPS AGM on November 15th.
An image showing a small image of each months picture along with the cover photo is shown below.
40167 is the Cover photo. The other locos featured are....

40002,  Jan.    40124,  Feb.    40093 + 40180 + 40 143,  March.    40074 + 40183,  April. 40061,  May.    40141 + 40169,  June.    40126,  July.    40004,  Aug.     40193,  Sept.    40196,  Oct.    40016,  Nov.    40126  Dec.
Calendar is £12.  Plus £2.95 post and packing which is the same price as last year when 110 copies were sold.
John Stephens

Whistler Magazine

In addition to the photo images requested for the planned new book, Andy Coward, Editor of The Whistler Magazine, would welcome a few stories relating to the period up to Jan 1985.

Pete Calderley has written a few good reports but there are several other characters out there with interesting or humorous recollections.

Why not jot down a few lines and send them to Andy Coward and he will convert them into a good story ?

Perhaps send in a couple of images to support your words.

Thank you. 


CFPS Book Plans

Just a polite reminder that we are seeking images of class 40s for the intended new book that CFPS member Steve Morris is producing in conjunction with The Society.

Photographs of 40s in the following locations are being sought……..

Central Wales.

The Cambrian.

West of Swansea.

If you have any images or know someone who does, please make contact with us.

Thank you.

Diesel Diner Discount for CFPS Members:

The offer is for FRIDAY evening 07/11/14.   Please book for the Diner direct with Laura at The ELR on …   0161 764 7790 quoting 'CFPS Diner Offer'. 

The following day, Saturday 08/11/14, there is an event at The ELR which will have 345 in action along with 31466, D1501 and D9019.

Message from ELR reads………. 

As a token of our appreciation for the use of 345 & 335 throughout the year we  offer our Diesel Dining Train hauled by D9009 at £29.50 (Saving £10) to all CFPS members.

The menu for the evening is:

·         Cream of Vegetable Soup

·         Supreme of Country Chicken with a white wine sauce

·         Homemade Jam Roll with Custard

Full details at:

ELR Autumn Diesel Gala Report:

As usual, The CFPS had a sales stand at the 2 Day ELR Autumn Diesel Gala last weekend, Sep 28 & 29. 

Saturdays sales figure was £924.05 with £ 3.77  donations.

Sundays sales figure was   £253.35 with £13.16  donations.

A further £52.50 was produced by Lynda Jopson in multiple with her CFPS Teddy Bear, selling CFPS raffle tickets on the trains on Sunday morning before the draw took place.

Total income over the weekend £1246.83

The easier bit of the 2 sections to attending an event is the manning of the sales stand.

Whatever sales figure is achieved we always require a group of volunteers to be at Bury early on Saturday to help with unloading the van, carting all the clobber from the car park across to platforms 3 & 4 and then later in the day moving the stock into the buffet for overnight safe storage.

A group of volunteers are also required on the Sunday to undertake the same tasks but in reverse order.

Saturdays gang of helpers was….

Lance Cook (from Telford), John Wantling,  Caterina,  Grant Marks and Mike Marren.

The Sunday gang was…..

Lance Cook, John Wantling and Caterina again, plus Andy Walton and Paul Morris.

Thank you to all of the above for their invaluable help.

Finally, thank you to Eric Davies for his help with the CFPS raffle draw on the Sunday and also for folding ALL of the 8000 raffle tickets that were entered into the CFPS draw.

CFPS Engineering Blog

Our Engineering Officer has comprehensively updated the Blog.  Please click the link: 

2014 CFPS Raffle Results

The draw for The CFPS 2014 Annual Raffle was made at 14.15 hours on Sunday afternoon 28/09/14 at The ELR Bury Bolton St. Station.

The Winning Tickets were drawn by 12 separate people and the numbers are as follows…… 

1st Prize.    £200 Cheque.           Ticket no,  06747

                  L. J. INKERSOLE.     CFPS Member.


2nd Prize.   Replica Class 40 Nameplate CARONIA.

                  Ticket no,  15869

                  M. RAYNOR.           CFPS Member.


3rd Prize.   £100 Cheque.       Ticket no,  14785

                IAN MUNRO.          CFPS Member.


4TH Prize.   Class 40 Cab ride on The ELR.

                  Ticket no,  20010

                  R. KELSEY.


5TH Prize.   3 x RAILWAY DVDs. Ticket no,   20519

                  M. SIRANNI.       CFPS Member.


6TH Prize.   £50 Cheque.

                  Ticket no,   11936

                  S. HENDERSON.   CFPS Member.



                  Ticket no,  06738

                  L. J. INKERSOLE.   CFPS Member.



                  Ticket no,   06123

                 A. GOOCH.          CFPS Member.


9TH Prize.   1 x RAILWAY DVD .

                  Ticket no,   12492

                  J. POLLARD.     CFPS Member.



                   Ticket no,   24382




                    Ticket no,   14632

A.    MOORE            CFPS Member.     


12TH Prize    £15 Cheque.

                    Ticket no,   11605

                    NICK CHADHA.


Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraising efforts.

The proceeds will go towards covering the cost of the replacement tyres on 345.

Roger Whittle - RIP

We have been notified of the sad news that former CFPS Member Roger Whittle from Tilehurst near Reading passed away on Friday September 12th.

Rogers funeral will take place at Oxford Crematorium, Headington, Oxford OXI 4PS, at 12.45 this coming Thursday 25/09.

Our heartfelt sympathies to Rogers family and friends at this difficult time.

Whistler Magazine Update - 17 September 2014:


As a result of the help received from Eric Davies, Robert Purcell and Caterina, the magazines were posted out TONIGHT to the members by 2ND Class Post. Thank you to David Layland at The East Lancs Railway for allowing us to use their franking machine. It was a big help and speeded up the despatch process of the magazines.

Thank you also to Shaun Higginbotham for printing all of the address labels and delivering them to Bury.

17 September - Proposed New Class 40 Books - Fundraiser - Images required - Can you help?

CFPS Member Steve Morris who has produced several railway books with his “Ty Mawr Publishing” Company, has offered to assist The Society with our next fund raising project. Steve Morris and Ty Mawr publishing will produce a series of 4 Books with the aim of producing a comprehensive record of Class 40 operations throughout the UK.

Whilst Steve will do the work, The CFPS will fund the production costs and stock the books. All the income received from the sale of the books will go to The CFPS.

The first Book in the series will cover WALES and  whilst Steve has quite a lot of photographic material, he has insufficient at present to produce the book with the number of pages he wants to achieve. 

Steve has plenty of material that covers North Wales but he is seeking images of class 40s taken in the following areas…

1)     Caernarfon Branch.

2)     Shotton to Wrexham.

3)     Central Wales

4)     Cambrian Coast

5)     South Wales, especially beyond Cardiff into West Wales such as Carmarthen and Milford Haven.

If anyone has any Class 40 images taken in the above mentioned areas and is willing for it to be used by The CFPS to help us with our fundraising efforts, would you in the first instance please contact Steve Morris to give him details of what you have.

Steve can be contacted at:   OR,  by phone on,   07866 424869

The images need to be of good quality but can be in colour or Black and White and ideally have at least the date of the photograph.

Additional information such as details of the actual working involved would also be helpful.

The ideal method of submission would be a scanned image (minimum 300 DPI 7 x 5 inches) emailed to Steve. If that isn’t possible, the image can be sent in any format by post and Steve will scan them himself.

As The CFPS is a Registered Charity and this project is intended as a fund raising venture to try to secure funds to pay for the re-tyre work on 345, we are unable to pay any copyright fees. However, in recognition of peoples goodwill, a complimentary copy of the respective book will be sent to those people whose material is used. Copyright will remain with the photographer.

The first volume is targeted for release in early 2015 and thereafter Steve will be seeking to obtain images taken in Scotland to enable the 2nd book in the series to be produced. Volume 3 will focus on The EASTERN REGION and the 4th volume is intended to cover The LMR.

Some of you may have various images taken across the UK in electronic format. If you are willing to help with this project, Steve would be happy to receive these on disc and use them as and when he produces each volume.

The CFPS face a mighty cost for the work on 345s tyres and we are planning ahead for when the time will come in the next year or so, that 345 will have an enf orced period out of action. The length of time it will be out of action will depend on what funds we can raise and whilst doing so, we also have to ensure that the needs of D335 are not neglected.

We trust this plan appeals to everyone and hope we can rely on your support.

Thank you everyone.

16 September 2014 - Neil Morgan RIP

We are sorry to report the sad news that Neil Morgan, known to many as “Slim” passed away yesterday morning after losing his battle with Cancer. 

Neil had been a member of The CFPS for a number of years, and befitting The Society he was a larger than life character.

He also had a passion for Class 50s and was a founder member of The Fifty Fund and did a lot of volunteer work in Diesel Preservation. 

After he was informed of his illness, Neil dealt with his problems and carried on doing the things he enjoyed such as travelling and he was in Germany only last week. 

Also on his schedule was a visit to The East Lancashire Railway tomorrow for a specially arranged drive of The Class 40s.

Such a shame that he was unable to fulfil this wish and such a shame he passed away at an early age.

Neil had a great wit and a sharp mind and he really will be missed by many. 

His funeral is to be held at Woking Crematorium at 14.00 hours next Monday, September 22nd.

RIP Neil.

12 September 2014 - CFPS 2014 Raffle Update

The replica CARONIA nameplate, 2nd Prize in The CFPS 2014 Annual Raffle has been collected from “Charnley” Couriers !

A photo of it resting in my garden a short time ago is in the attachment above.The draw takes place in 17 days and ideally we could do with all, or at least the bulk of, the sold ticket stubs returned to me by Monday September 22nd .

This requested date is to enable all those ticket stubs to be folded and placed in the hat (which is actually a large plastic bag!) for when the draw takes place at The East Lancashire Railway Diesel Gala on Sunday September 28th. 

Given that we lost considerable revenue and fund raising opportunities owing to 345 not being given clearance to go to The Mid Hants Railway, I am hoping that those who still have to sell and send back their ticket stubs, will crack on with the task in hand!

This will help to reduce the amount of counselling I require in coming to terms with the loss of revenue The CFPS suffered as a result.

Thanks folks.


John Stephen - CFPS Chairman

*** 2 September 2014 - Breaking News ***

SORRY TO REPORT that we have just been informed that 345 will NOT be able to attend The MID HANTS GALA due to gauging issues.

The problem appears to be a restriction in ALDERSHOT Tunnel.

As I send this message, WCRC are making urgent arrangements to send a WCRC loco to The ELR tomorrow morning to undertake the transit move of the 3 other visiting locos.

The WCRC loco will ONLY take the Convoy to The Mid Hants and there are NO plans are for it to attend the Mid Hants Gala.

The WCRC loco is likely to go LD to Southall after dropping off the Convoy at Mid Hants Railway.

Truly Sorry for those people who have booked accommodation and Rail Tickets.

I am sure you will understand that the situation is entirely outside the control of The CFPS.

Thank you for your understanding and once again my sympathies to everyone else affected by this breaking news.


John Stephens - CFPS Chairman

30 July - Roster Update

Just to advise that D335 had been allocated to run on the ELR during the weekend of September 6th and 7th. 

However, with 345 scheduled for a visit to The Mid Hants Railway that same weekend, there has been a change to the loco roster and D9009 will now be working the diagram in September in place of D335.

D335 will now operate on the ELR Diesel Diagram on 16th & 17th August instead of 345.

30 July - Fundraising Update

Fundraising Update from John Stephens:

The ELR 3 Day Gala - 4th ,5th, & 6th July

Telford based Lance Cook travelled up each day to help with setting up and packing up.

Bristol based Karl Crowther helped on Friday and Saturday. Birmingham Based Andy Walton also helped on Friday and Saturday.

Edinburgh based Seton Spencer helped get D335 back in action after its failure on Saturday afternoon caused some disruption to the event.

In addition……

Grant Marks helped on the sales stand on Friday and Saturday.  Linda Jopson helped with raffle ticket sales on Saturday and Sunday.  Paul Morris helped us with the packing up on Saturday and Sunday.  A good team effort which resulted in sales of £1806 over the 3 days.  As well as a big thank you to the above helpers, thank you also to Mark Hornby for yet another chunky donation to The CFPS.

Thank you everyone for helping to keep things moving in the right direction.

Saturday 19th July - The DRS Charity event.

The persistent heavy rain meant that the overhauled 40088 cab was just on display rather than in use for sales.

We managed to find a corner of the Maintenance shed to set up 3 tables and display some of our range of sales items.  Despite only being able to display some of our range, takings on the day were in excess of £700.

My thanks go to Robert Purcell and Steve Morris for their days stint.  Thank you also to Pete Scott and Stuart Hood who each helped out for half a day and thus ensured we each had a small break and some respite during the very busy day.

3 Day ELR Class 14 event - 25th, 26th & 27th July

Thank you to those of you who paid us a visit, either to purchase goods, hand in your raffle ticket stubs with payments or, to just stop for a quick friendly chat.

Thank you to Karl Crowther who travelled up from Bristol and was a huge help on each of the 3 days.

He arrived early to assist me with setting up the sales stand, then spent each day on the trains selling raffle tickets and then helped with the packing up at close of play each day.

Thank you to Lynda Jopson who on Saturday and Sunday was also out on the trains selling CFPS raffle tickets.

The sales stand was very busy on The Friday and I am grateful to Robert Purcell who spent the day with me.  On Saturday night, Nigel Bryer and Paul Richardson helped us with the packing up.

On Sunday night, it was the turn of Paul Morris and John Wantling to help us with packing up.

Thank you again to everyone for their help at Bury, the CFPS now have a further £1100 as a result.

23 July - 40088 Cab Refurbishment

Work commenced at the end of June on the refurbishment of the 40088.

The prep work and painting was undertaken by the friendly and enthusiastic staff at Crewe Heritage Centre and the CFPS are very grateful and thank their team of helpers for their help and hard work.

After the chaps at Crewe Heritage Centre had done the bulk of the painting on 40088 CARL HOLT kindly stepped forward to do some much needed welding work on the corroded cab. 

CFPS Member Rick Davenport, who owns 37108 which is based at Crewe Heritage Centre, loaned his equipment to The CFPS and gave Carl a hand.

Carl Holt came to assist and played a big part in getting the cab completed in time for it to visit The DRS event at Crewe Gresty Bridge last Saturday.

Carl welded some corroded areas of the cab and also fitted the new vinyls which included letting the world know who owned it.  

HUGE THANKS to Carl for his efforts which took place in the blazing sun and resulted in him getting sunstroke.

























12 June 2014 - Mid Hants Railway Visit & Compass Railtour Booking Update from John Stephens:

"Confirmation that The CFPS have agreed terms with The Mid Hants Railway for 345 to attend their 3 day Gala.

The dates are September 5th, 6th and 7th and the loco should be in action there, all 3 days.

345 has also been hired to haul other guest locomotives to and back from, The Mid Hants event.

With both our Class 40s attending The JULY ELR Diesel Gala, 345 attending The Mid Hants Railway in September

and 345 now scheduled to haul The Compass Charter from Southport to York and Saltburn on 29/11/14, there is

something to look forward too.

Please note, the dates have been announced now to help those who need to arrange Annual Leave at their place

of work.

Although this is a COMPASS TOUR, there is the intention to produce a Members Booking Form to ensure that members

get allocated the STANDARD Class Seating behind the loco.

Please bear with us for a couple of days whilst we undertake other duties, organise matters and try to recover from

last weekend !

Jackie and Gordon are “likely” to be handling the members bookings, but please give us time to put a routine in place

and compile a booking form, after all the tour isn’t until the end of November.

Please also be mindful to respect their social time and avoid “phoning” a booking through.

Bookings for PREMIER DINING, or FIRST CLASS SEATING or just the YORK to SALTBURN Mini Tour, can be made DIRECT

with Compass Tours"

21 May 2014 - D335 at the Nene Valley

Unfortunately on Sunday afternoon May 18th, D335 having worked the 16.02 Wansford to Peterborough service failed at Peterborough Nene Valley Station.

An electrical fault on D335 just prior to departure with the return service resulted in a Class 31 loco having to drag D335 and its train back to Wansford.

From what was described to Lee Kenny, it appears to be a minor but frustrating failure rather than a serious one.

The failure didn’t prevent D335 being scheduled to return home to the ELR on Tuesday May 20th.

However, due to the convoy leaving The NVR late, the return move was caped at Peterborough at 12.45 Hours.

The hauling loco, 56312 and its load comprising of 37324, D335 and 47402 (in that order) were then stabled up alongside Peterborough power box just North of the Station.

The convoy is now scheduled to head home to The ELR tomorrow and is due to leave Peterborough at 12.01 hours.


3 May - CFPS Climbing Team Success

A message received from Andy Walton to say that the climbers successfully achieved their mission when they

reached the summit of Whernside at 18.40 hours tonight.

At MID DAY, the team were on the summit of Pen-y-ghent and had done 7 miles in 3 hours 20 minutes.

By 15.30 hours Ingleborough had been climbed and at that point 15 miles had been tackled in 7 hours.

Well done to all of the team for their energy, determination, fitness and loyalty to The CFPS in generating funds

for The Society.

29 April - 345 to feature at ELR 'Thomas Event' this Weekend

“Hi All,

 Just to make you aware that 345 will be in action at The ELR this coming weekend.

It will be featuring in the THOMAS event hauling passenger trains between Bury and Rawtenstall.

Please note, this will be operating on Saturday, Sunday and the Bank Holiday Monday.

A DMU will be operating shuttles on the Bury to Heywood section.

The 40 should start the day with the 09.00 hours service ex Bury.




14 April - Rochdale Model Show Report from John Stephens

Hi All.

The CFPS were invited to have a sales stand at the 50TH event of The Rochdale Model Railway Group which took place this last weekend at The Littleborough Coach House.

It made a nice change to man the sales stand in the warmth of the indoors which was well attended and well organised.

As a result, the CFPS came away from the 2 day event with £737 in sales and 4 bookings for our June Railtours.

Thank you to Shaun Higginbotham who moved the sales stock to the event on Friday Evening and returned the unsold items back to our Prestwich warehouse on Sunday night.

Thank you to Rob Purcell who helped me man the stand all day Saturday and to Jonny Stevenson who did likewise on Sunday.

This event didn’t just require a roster for the sales stand, it required a roster for people to be taxi drivers also as I was unable to drive following another op, this time for a knee replacement.

Thank you to Grant Marks for collecting me from home on Saturday morning and taking me to the event.

Thank you to Rob Purcell who took me home from the event on Saturday night.

Thank you to Jonny Stevenson who collected me from home on Sunday morning.

Thank you to Shaun Higginbotham who took me home on Sunday night.

Most importantly though, Thank you to Peter Rigby, The event organiser and CFPS member Karl Crowther who arranged the invite for us and also made space available for us to sell our goods.

A final thank you to young Rhys Higginbotham who eagerly assisted us with the packing up and unloading on Sunday night.

A good weekend and a good all round team effort.


4 April - D369 Model & Rochdale Model Show

The CFPS received its delivery from Bachmann of the D369 Model last night. Some of the stock is allocated against orders, but some is available to purchase. Please visit the sales page of the CFPS Website for price and ordering information. We also have the D211 Model in stock, but the 40141 model has sold out. 

Providing we have stock left, the class 40 models will be on sale at The Rochdale Model Railway Exhibition being held at The Coach House on Lodge Street in Littleborough on Saturday and Sunday, April 12th & 13th. The CFPS will be having a sales stand at this popular event which celebrates its 50th show this year.


20 March - Information regarding the Photo Shoot on 21 March 2014

"Hi All,

A message for the benefit of those people participating in the Class 40 photo shoot this Friday night March 21st.

The ELR have kindly agreed to open the Buffet situated on Platform 3 and 4 of Bury Bolton Street Station.

The opening of the buffet will serve 2 purposes, It will be the location for anyone who wants to attend the photo shoot, to book in and make your payment.

In addition, the very supportive Irene has agreed to travel to the Station to set up the counter facilities for the sale of hot drinks, hot pies and a range of snacks and cold drinks.

The photo shoot is scheduled to run from approximately  19.30 hours to 21.30 hours. The buffet will be open from approx. 18.45 hours to 20.00 hours (ish).

Anyone interested in attending can do so and just turn up and pay up on the night.


The ELR are operating a Steam Hauled Diner Service on the night, scheduled to depart at 19.30 hours, so you have the opportunity to photograph that, if you arrive and book in early enough.

The main reason for informing you though, is that it is important to recognise that there will be train movements taking place at The ELR and everyone attending should be diligent at all times and observe any instructions given by ELR Staff who will be on duty.

Thank you for supporting our latest fund raising effort.



18 March - Information regarding the Photo Shoot on 21 March 2014

“Hi All,

The latest CFPS fundraising effort is taking place this Friday night at Bury Bolton Street Station.

It will be a night time photo shoot featuring both The CFPS Class 40s and will offer at least 6 different cameos.

The price is £15 per person and it is scheduled to run from 19.30 hours to 21.30 hours (ish).

Could you please let me know if you are planning to attend as the ELR may open the Buffet on platforms 3 and 4 for the sale of HOT DRINKS, light snacks and possibly HOT PIES, if a sufficient number of people are attending.

Please note that there won’t be a sales stand on the platform, however, If anyone attending wants to order a specific item such as the brand new BACHMANN model of D211, or the NEW CFPS Badges, or the new “E for Electrics” and “D for Diesels 5 Books”, then I will bring them with me on the Friday night for you.



13 March - Information about the DMU 'Drag' on Saturday & generally

As previously stated, 345 will be in action this Saturday giving people the opportunity to drive it from Bury Bolton Street over the ski slope and then to the section signal and return.

Following a number of requests and suggestions for last year’s Class 40 DMU DRAG to be repeated, The ELR are happy to serve up this rare opportunity again.

Last year D335 did the drag after its stint with the driving opportunities.

So this year, the task of the DMU DRAG will be given to 345. The train concerned will be the 15.15 hours service from Rawtenstall to Heywood.

The DMU DRAG however, will ONLY be FROM Bury to HEYWOOD and return.

The departure from Bury will be at 15.55 hours and the return from Heywood will depart at 16.20 hours.

Now it is being provided, do please turn up to travel on it won’t you !

The day promises to be a nice mix of nostalgia with 2 trains being operated by DMUs and the other train being loco hauled using Class 47 number D1501 in the two tone Green livery.

345 will be tootling in and out of the station every so often for most of the day before doing its DMU drag from Bury to Heywood and return..

As well as that, The CFPS will have a sales stand on platforms 3 and 4 at Bury Bolton Street selling their 2 new badges, the brand new D211 MODEL by BACHMANN and the new DVD by Visions titled “ RAW “.

There will be loads of other items on sale including a comprehensive range of the much sought after old magazine titles, and an assortment of railway books, depot stickers etc.

There will be a pile of CFPS Membership application forms for people to complete if they so wish!

With regard to membership, If you want to hand in any renewals on the day, you can do so and I will pass these on to Richard Clayton for you.

I do hope you can bob along on Saturday and support the efforts of The CFPS and The ELR.

Please remember also, that on the following Friday, March 21st, The ELR and CFPS have arranged a Class 40 NIGHT TIME photo shoot in conjunction with IAN FURNESS and The WNXX website.

Thanks for listening folks.


John Stephens


11 March -A further update upon the drive 345 event this Saturday

Just to confirm and clarify.

The plan announced yesterday ( see at the bottom ) relating to the drive of Class 40 loco number 345 this Saturday has now been changed. 

The ORIGINAL plan was to offer people a drive of the class 40 from Bury Bolton Street Station to Baron Street gates and return for a £10 charge.

The REVISED plan has now been enhanced and offers a slightly longer and a more interesting driving opportunity.

For £15,

You can drive 345 from Bury Bolton Street Station OVER the SKI SLOPE and beyond to the Section Signal, and return.

Please note, this £15 offer is the ONLY one available.

There are NOT TWO x driving options available on Saturday.

It is important to pre-book this opportunity so that we are as organised as we can be and then we can notify people if it becomes fully subscribed and help avoid people travelling to Bury and then be disappointed.

For those participating, it is BOOK in ADVANCE and PAY on the Day.

On Saturday, HAVING RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION of BOOKING, please first report to The CFPS Sales Stand on the station situated between platforms 3 and 4.

Please then pay your £15 and I will then hand you a CFPS LETTERHEAD with your name on it and the time of your driving slot.  It will state £15 PAID on it and you need to show that to the ELR Driver instructing you on the day.

The drives will probably go off platform 2, so please turn up at least 30 minutes before your booked driving turn. On a VERY SERIOUS note and stated with intended respect, please comply with the Drivers Instructions and DO NOT consume any alcohol or partake in smoking any unusual tobacco!

The driving opportunity is there for you to enjoy, but there are health and safety rules that The ELR have to comply with.   

The methods to book are via…..



TEXT  :-  077 882 40088

Thanks again for your interest and support everyone.



11 March - Update upon the drive 345 event this Saturday


Re the opportunity to drive Class 40 loco 345 on Saturday.

The ELR have come up with a great idea.

Rather than the 40 just go from Bury Bolton Street Station to Baron Street gates and back. It has been suggested instead that 345 runs onto the Heywood line and over the ski slope to the section signal further along.

This lengthens the range of the driving, adds a touch more variety and should increase your enjoyment of the experience.

The flip side of the coin is that it takes a wee bit longer, uses up more loco fuel. Therefore the cost for this opportunity will need to increase from the previously stated £10….. to £15. 

There have been a number of bookings already for this, so I will contact each person who has booked to see if they still want to retain their booking for Saturday at the revised figure.

Thank you everyone.


John Stephens

10 March 2014 - Drive 345 at the ELR on 15 March 2014

Hi Everyone,

This coming Saturday, March 15th, it is the annual DMU Theme Day at The East Lancashire Railway.

At Last year’s event, the opportunity to drive our Green Class 40, number D335 from Bury Bolton Street Station down to Baron Street Gates and back was made available, if you parted company with £10.

The ELR are kindly allowing The CFPS to repeat the “drive a 40 offer”, THIS Saturday, within Station limits, again for just £10. On this occasion, BLUE Class 40 loco number 345, will be made available.

Should this rare opportunity to drive our Main Line Registered Loco, appeal to anyone then:-

Please send an email to


Please send a text to 077 882 40088 to book a driving slot.

The driving slots were really popular last year and I had to decline some applications due to the time constraints on the day.  If you are interested, please respond quickly to avoid disappointment. The sooner I know the better as it will give me time to make the arrangements with The ELR who once again are supporting the fundraising efforts of The CFPS.

Driving slots will be allocated on first come first served basis. When responding, please state an approximate time within at least a 90 minute period of when you prefer to be allocated a driving slot.

Please note that you need to be at least 16 years of age and that anybody participating must refrain from drinking any alcohol prior to driving the loco.

Please don’t put the loco crew in a difficult position by having a “swift half” whilst waiting for your booked turn!

I will reply to all communications stating either an approximate driving time or notice that all the slots have been taken.

Thanks everyone, I look forward to hearing from you.


John Stephens

7 March 2014 -  THE ELR THIS WEEKEND

Just a reminder that both class 40s will be working on both days at The ELR this weekend.

It is the Railways Spring Diesel Gala and D335 starts both days by hauling the 09.00 hours service

from Bury to RAMSBOTTOM and then the 09.37 hours RAMSBOTTOM to Heywood.

The CFPS will be having a sales stand on the platform at Bury.

The 2 x new CFPS Badges will be on sale, at £5.95 each or £11.00 for both.

The NEW DVD from VISIONS titled Raw has just arrived and will be on sale at £19.

You will also be able to book for the March 21st Class 40 photo shoot, reserve your order the NEW D211 Model

on its way to us from Bachmann, and renew your membership with The CFPS, even if it’s not yet due!


7 March 2014 - Both Loco's Operating today

Both our Class 40s will be in action today at The East Lancashire Railway.


Will work during the daytime hauling the fully booked ELR organised FXP train.

For anyone wishing to photograph this, it usually operates between 09.15 to 16.30 hours.

However, it only runs between Heywood and Ramsbottom.


Will then tonight, haul The ELR  Diner Train THROUGHOUT the 24 mile round trip of the line.

Departure time from Bury will at 19.30 hours.

5 March 2014 Bachmann Class 40 Model Update from John Stephens:

“Hi Everyone.

 I have just spoken to Bachmann to progress our orders for their models of D211 and D369.

Bachmann have informed me that they are despatching our order for the D211 models (code 32-480ds) tomorrow, Thursday 06/03/14 and we should receive the delivery early next week.

Bachman also told me that delivery of the D369 model (code 32-481ps) should follow in approximately 2 weeks from today.

 Re The Bachmann 40141 model:


I also enquired about the slim prospects of the balance of our order for the 40141 model being delivered. The code for this being & #8230;.32-475dc.

Bachmann advised that they have no stock left and are still considering whether or not to do another production run of this model. Even if they did, it will be quite a while before stocks arrive.

Should you feel that you are awaiting delivery for this model from the CFPS, then please contact me by email.”

19 February 2014 - The next mission - A Class 40 Photo shoot

The ELR have kindly agreed to a photo shoot involving The 2 x CFPS Class 40s.

It is scheduled for FRIDAY NIGHT, March 21st at The East Lancashire Railway.

The time span for this is likely to be from approximately 19.30 hours to 21.30 hours.

Further details will follow when the arrangements have been finalised

This message is advance notice to enable you to pencil it in your Diary.

Thank you to those of you who requested this event.

Having obtained permission to organise it, we will be heavily promoting the photo shoot

in an effort to make it a success for both The CFPS and also The East Lancashire Railway.

The price should be no more than £20 but we are aiming for £15.

It would be helpful if you could register your interest at this stage and we can get back to you

and confirm the details as we finalise things.

Thank you.


18 February 2014 - Diner Update

Hi Everyone.

Please note that the Class 40 Hauled Diner for Friday March 7th is ALMOST sold out.

At present, there is JUST one table of 4 seats available to book.

Thank you to everyone who has booked and done it so promptly.



13 February 2014 - Update from John Stephens Re:  Sunday 16th February at the ELR

Just a reminder that BOTH Class 40s will be operating the Diesel Diagram this SUNDAY at The ELR.

They will be operating ONE diagram, ALL DAY in TOP and TAIL mode, in lieu of the DMU originally scheduled.

The reason for this being to celebrate 30 years of Class 40 Preservation at The ELR.

I hope you can all turn up for this event, partly to help the ELR cover their extra costs in using Diesel Locos in lieu of the DMU. Also in memory of DAVE HARMER who passed away a couple of weeks or so ago.

Each loco will carry a wreath on their leading end in memory of DAVE whose funeral will be taking place on the following day, Monday the 17th, at Manchester Crematorium near Chorlton, at 14.00 hours. I intend to go through the train with a card or cards, and invite those who knew him to leave a message and sign the card(s) which I will then pass on to his brother on the Monday at his funeral.

ON TRAIN plans for Sunday Feb 16th:

The train will comprise of 4 coaches.

We have also paid a small fee to the ELR to have their chocolate and cream OBO Observation Coach added to the formation.

OBO will be at one end of the train and the idea is that for a Donation of £4, you will be able to  travel in it for one round trip on the line, or £2 per single journey if space allows. It seats 25 or so people, so if we can fill that up each trip, that could possibly bring in a much needed £300.

I hope at least some of you will try the experience, seeing as The ELR have trusted us with it! 

Please be aware that you will ALSO need a valid ELR ticket for the Day as well as the donation to travel in the OBO. Stewards with expertise of “assorted travelling methods” !!  will be on duty to organise your travel in the OBO.

The CFPS will have a SALES STAND on the train, covering 2 bays of 4 seats.

It will comprise a small selection of items and not the usual 7 tons of clobber!

We still have 4 or 5 of the CFPS 2014 Calendars to shift. There is also a small amount of EE Branded Clothing we would like to clear as well, before we indulge in a range of CFPS Branded Clothing.

The 2 x NEW CFPS Badges will be on sale.

The NEW “D for DIESELS 5”  and “E for ELECTRICS” books will be on sale as well as the earlier ones in that range.

The 2 x ENGLISH ELECTRIC TRACTION Chester to Holyhead Books, by Steve Morris will be on SPECIAL OFFER. The 3 x CFPS 50 YEARS OF 40s Books will be on sale which includes a reprint of volume 1 which we had sold out of.

Separate to that, The NEW Bachmann model of D211 should be released in 7 to 10 days and CFPS have 36 on order.

Most of that 36 we have orders for, but some are unallocated, so if you are interested, then please book one on Sunday.

The D369 model should, follow 2 weeks or so after D211.

We have 24 of them on order at present, and again we have some unallocated and your orders are invited.

The CFPS members doing the marathon climb in May, in aid of The Society, are seeking sponsorship. Karl Crowther is one and Paul Richardson is another member of the team.  They should be about for some of the day if you wish to support their efforts.


If your CFPS Membership is due for renewal soon, why not renew it on Sunday ?

Richard is not available on Sunday, but I AM and I will be happy to take your payment and associated paperwork.

As ever, thanks for your marvellous support.

3 February 2014 - CFPS Sales Stock


Further to our recent news that we are now an Official Bachmann Stockist, the CFPS Committee are continuing to review our Sales stock with a view to raising much needed funds.

If you think that there is something we should be selling then please email me at:  I hope to collate a list of suggestions and thereafter, if we can viably stock it, we’ll add it.  Thank you for your support.

Shaun P Higginbotham

CFPS Publicity Officer

3 February 2014 - Running Information for 8 February 2014

This coming Saturday at The ELR, D335 is scheduled to work The Diesel Diagram starting with the 09.30 hours departure from Bury to Rawtenstall. 345 is also scheduled to be in action on the same day, departing at 10.15 from Bury in the Heywood direction. 

HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE 345 will be operating a CFPS organised FXP which some CFPS Members have pre-paid sizable donations in order to drive the loco on that day. 345 is now likely to be hauling passenger coaches and not freight wagons but it is NOT for the use of the general public to travel on. 

The 2 x class 40s should pass each other on 5 occasions during NEXT Saturday FEB 8th, and if all goes to plan they should meet as follows….

At BURY APPROX.   11.00 hrs.  335 heading to Heywood and 345 heading to Rawtenstall.

Ramsbottom          12.15 hrs.  345 heading to Heywood and 335 heading to Rawtenstall.

BURY                    13.20 hrs.  335 heading to Heywood and 345 heading to Rawtenstall.

Ramsbottom          14.36 hrs.  345 heading to Heywood and 335 heading to Rawtenstall.

BURY                    15.50 hrs.  335 heading to Heywood and 345 heading to Rawtenstall.

On the day as things stand, this FXP is fully subscribed.

Should anyone wish to make a sizeable donation in order to drive A CLASS 40 loco, please make contact with our Chairman who may be able to arrange a further such event if the demand warrants it.

For those who have paid for Saturdays driving turn, John Stephens will be in touch to notify you of the time of your driving slot.

Thank you for your support and interest everyone.

27 January 2014 - CFPS 2014 Calendar Update

Having sold out of our first batch of calendars, a small top up order was placed to fulfil

a further bunch of orders. Just 5 Calendars for 2014 now remain in stock. 

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t want to see us left with unsold stock which if sold

would produce a further £60 for The CFPS. 

Rather than pay the £2.95 postage, why not order the calendar and have it delivered to your

seat when you attend either the Feb 8th or Feb 16th outings with our class 40s at The ELR ?

27 January 2014 - Update on Bachmann Class 40 Deliveries

The CFPS have received a shipment of the 40141 models.

Unfortunately, it was only a part shipment of 16 models.

Those have all been processed for customers in the order that they were received.

We have a further 16 models on back order, which when / IF received, will cover our immediate requirements

for our customers.

Delivery information on the balance of our order is still awaited from Bachmann, so I am unable to give any

further news at present.

Thank you to those of you who have ordered a model from us and apologies to those of you who are on our

back order list.

I have notified the lucky ones who are getting a delivery of the model.

If any of you are not sure, please email me.

If you have paid funds direct into The CFPS Bank Account and are on our back order list,  please be assured your

money is safe and will be reimbursed if you choose not to wait for the balance of our delivery from Bachmann.



27 January 2014 - The New CFPS Enamel Badges have arrived!

We are pleased to inform you that the NEW CFPS ENAMEL Badges were delivered to us on Friday.

Later that same day, one order was hand delivered to our customer and 2 others were posted out that night.

The remaining orders are going out in the post today, Monday 27/01/14.

For those who haven’t yet seen the badges, images of both of them are below.

The price for one badge is £5.95. Alternatively order BOTH badges for £11.

Post and packing on one or both is just an additional £1.

Please send your order details by email to :-  


Please TEXT your order details to :-  077 882 40088


Please transfer your payment into The CFPS Bank Account at :-

Barclays Bank,  

Sort code: 20-16-08 

A/c no: 10719102

Orders with a cheque payment, please POST to :-


38 Watkins Drive.



M25 0DS.

Thanks again for your interest and support folks.