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*** The 2017 ELR Class 40 Running dates are now on the ELR DG Website which can be accessed by clicking the ELR DG Logo above ***


"The East Lancs Enterprise" Railtour - Saturday 10 June 2017




Joining points





BURY(East Lancs Railway)



























The CFPS are taking 40145 to Holyhead, the destination of its first Main Line trip back in 2002.  40145 will haul our train from Bury to Crewe where the train will reverse. 

From Crewe, a WCRC Class 37 should haul the train to Llandudno.  You have the option of an approximate 6 Hours Break  in Llandudno OR, for an extra fare, you can take a trip from Llandudno to Blaenau hauled by 40145 and then head to Holyhead Class 37 hauled. 40145 will then haul the train to Llandudno Junction & the Class 37 will work back into Llandudno.

We should then have a short break whilst we pick up passengers who opted to spend their time in Llandudno before 40145 takes us home stopping at CHESTER, Warrington B.Q. and then the pick up points to ROCHDALE.

PLEASE NOTE:  Crewe will be an OUTWARD stop only and CHESTER will be a RETURN stop only.  BURY is the START point &  ROCHDALE is the FINISH point for the tour.

*** Update 3 April:

All Standard Class Bookings (Both Members and Non Members) should now be sent to John Stephens as per the details on the Booking Form.

Jackie and Gordon Crawford are now only accepting Members Bookings for First Class Only.

*** Update 17 May:

Although I have NOT received confirmed timings for the Saturday JUNE 10th Trip to North Wales, WCRC have kindly informed me of a couple of timing problems that we need to work with for the Charter Train.

The first problem is that given the timings available to us, the Charter will need to reverse at LLANDUDNO JUNCTION at about 11.30 hours, rather than go through to Llandudno.

 The train will then follow the plan for the remainder of the day, which is head from Llandudno Junction to BLAENAU hauled by 345.

We will then head from Blaenau to Holyhead hauled by a Class 37.

We will then head from Holyhead to Llandudno Junction hauled by 345.

From Llandudno Junction we will then head into LLANDUDNO hauled by a Class 37.

We are likely to ARRIVE  LLANDUDNO at approx. 17.15  hours.

We are likely to DEPART LLANDUDNO at approx. 18.15 hours.

The train will then head for ROCHDALE via Manchester Victoria and Huddersfield setting down at stated stations close to the estimated times on the CFPS Booking Form.


We are now likely to leave BURY earlier than we hoped,…….. at 05.15 hours.

There is a service train that leaves Preston at 05.37 for York.

We are going to follow the 05.37 Preston to York train from Hebden Bridge.

This means that passengers from the likes of Preston or Blackburn can alight from the above service at Hebden Bridge and then drop back onto CFPS Charter which is likely to be about 10 minutes behind the York service.

After Hebden Bridge, we are scheduled to pick up at Huddersfield, Stalybridge and Manchester Victoria.

For those that don’t relish a departure from Bury at 05.15 hours, you could choose to have a bit of a lie in and get on the train at Manchester Victoria where departure is now likely to be at about 08.15 hours.

Turning to Passengers who have booked for LLANDUDNO,

Fortunately for The CFPS, there are only about 30 passengers who have chosen this option, the other 462 passengers booking for the full trip.

I am therefore exploring other means of getting our passengers from Llandudno Junction into Llandudno on Saturday morning.

Motorbikes with sidecars has been ruled out but I am looking at the possibility of a Heritage Bus.


The CFPS Charter WILL be picking up as planned from LLANDUDNO ON SATURDAY EVENING.

I will report back when further information is available.

Thank you to West Coast Railway Company (WCRC) for their help.

First Class ONLY - Members Only Booking Form for the main tour below

Booking Form


First Class (Non Members) and Standard Class (Members & Non Members) Booking Form for the main tour below

Booking Form



"Stock Positioning Move" - Friday 9 June 2017

25 February 2017 - Railtour Update

The train will be hauled by CFPS Class 40 Loco 40145 with a WCRC Class 37 Loco as the assisting engine.

Carnforth Depart approx. 12.30 hours, hauled by 40145 and to run via…

Preston, Wigan, Warrington, Chester, Wrexham, Shrewsbury, Wellington, OXLEY CURVE, Bushbury Junction, Stafford, Crewe BASFORD HALL and INDEPENDENT Lines, Warrington, Manchester, to Castleton.

Then WCRC Class 37

Loco CASTLETON to BURY (Arrive approx. 18.30)

Update 17 May:

Just to advise that the CARNFORTH to BURY Stock positioning Charter on Friday June 9th may well have both a Warrington Bank Quay set down and a Manchester Victoria set down.

There are no confirmed timings as yet but I have asked WCRC if it is possible and they have asked Network Rail.

Booking Form for Stock move available below


CFPS Railtours Booking Conditions- CFPS Mainline Ltd.

Booking Conditions:

* If you require an acknowledgement of your booking please enclose a stamped addressed envelope with your booking.

Your application, purchase and use of tickets constitute your full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The terms ‘Us’ , ‘We’ or ‘Our’ refer to the CFPS. The terms ‘You, ‘Your’ or ‘Passenger(s)’ refers to The person whom has made the booking and/or members of their party.

Every seat on railtour excursion trips should be paid for in advance and in FULL by booking it through available methods – only this guarantees you a fully reserved seat for the journey you have paid for. We only accept the booking as valid once the money has been received by us (i.e. cheque cleared properly) unless agreed by us in writing.

We will aim to meet your special on-journey requests if they are possible for us to achieve and considered reasonable, with regard to seating or indeed other matters – in order to help us do this please advise us with your booking or at latest 2 weeks prior to the trip. Please note we are unable to take requests for the side of the train you desire your seats to be on. Estimates of timings are only a guide – please note when booking you accept that actual departure times may differ from our estimates. Final times may only be available several days before the train runs and issued when we send your individual/group ticket. It is your responsibility and that of your party to be at your boarding point in good time before the train’s departure. Refunds cannot be entertained if you fail to meet this requirement.

Tickets are usually issued approximately one week before the date of your booked tour (and no sooner). The CFPS reserves the right to alter this timescale should our timing schedule not reach us by this time from the Railway operating authorities.

All efforts are made to ensure the train runs as it is scheduled to, with correct locomotives (if specified), coaches, routes/destinations and additional options for the day. The CFPS reserves the right to alter these at any time and will not in doing so incur any liability to any person travelling with us who has purchased a ticket/s, resulting from alterations that are made whilst all our trains use carriages that are very well designed for comfort on longer journeys with larger saloon windows we would like to note that carriage interiors, colours, type of interior lighting and style of décor may vary in both standard and first class vehicles, and these may also be subject to variation on different excursions.

Details of tours are given in good faith based on information from our suppliers and the railway operating authorities. All efforts will be made on the day of the rail trip to ensure it runs as planned – but we cannot be held responsible for any delays to the journey, mishaps, alterations or necessary curtailment of the journey when situations are outside the control of the CFPS.

The CFPS will guarantee to ensure that all passengers that have purchased valid tickets for the journey will be returned to their joining stations by whatever transport is necessary (in the event of curtailment/diversion of the train).

The CFPS are only responsible to return passengers holding valid tickets to their joining stations by any necessary means of transport, therefore the CFPS cannot be held liable for any missed connections into or out of any kind of transport link due to the early/late running of its trips. It will be your responsibility to get to your joining station for the trip and return home/back to your desired destination from the joining station.

Alterations to your booking can be made, but if they are negative they will be subject to a £10 alteration fee and will only be accepted if given up to 14 days before the trip. If the alteration involves removing more than 1 person from the party – then the CFPS has the right to apply its normal cancellation procedures for every extra person removed from the party.

If the CFPS cancels any railtour excursion or trip then it will give a full refund to every passenger that has purchased a valid ticket for the journey, but no other liability shall be incurred by the CFPS.

Should you feel there is reason to raise a complaint about your trip with us, we ask that this be raised immediately with your coach steward. An experienced tour manager will also be aboard the train should your coach steward be unable to resolve your issue. We ask that this be done so that all efforts can be made to rectify any issue, If it is required that you need to contact us post event we ask that this is done in writing or by e-mail no later than 10 days after you have travelled with us. Please ensure that the Party leader is the person whom correspondence is sent from.

Whilst the CFPS excursions convey a team of carriage stewards it is essential to remember it is the sole responsibility of every CFPS passenger to attempt to alight and board the train safely at any station platforms and adhere to any instructions or advice for doing so. All party bookings made via the CFPS conveying any persons with mobility issues/problems or using wheelchairs should advise the CFPS at the time of making their booking. Assistance can be made available but we require that you request and await assistance if necessary when actually boarding or alighting from the train in order to ensure everyone is conveyed as safely as possible before, during after the excursion. We are unable to convey mobility scooters or non-folding wheelchairs due to the age and design of the trains used.

PASSENGER BEHAVIOUR: Should any passengers ever be deemed to be posing a safety risk, affecting the comfort and enjoyment of other passengers or acting in an unreasonable or abusive manner to any member of staff or fellow passengers then the CFPS will take steps to remove such passengers at the next available point. This includes passengers found to be smoking on board the train, passengers consuming excessive alcohol or making excessive noise.  No refund would be available for such passengers whom would then be responsible for making their way back to their joining point by their own means and at their own cost.

All tickets for every railtour/trip the CFPS organise that are applied for and sold to passengers are issued subject to the above conditions.

Your application, purchase and use of tickets constitute your full acceptance of these terms and conditions.